Amazing, affordable rehearsals - Studio 2

One of our most popular rooms is Studio Two, 330 sq ft of clean halogen lit, climate controlled rehearsal space, with a sumptuous leather sofa. The room has the added advantage of offering two sets of mirrors, and as such can be used for choreography and general vanity.

Equipped with a pair of fantastic Mackie SRM 450 speakers - 800W of powered brilliance - and 14 channel Behringer Xenyx 1832 mixing desk to accommodate all requirements, Studio Two is a great room for most groups. We’ve had artists of up to seven people happily rehearse in here, although it is best suited to your average sized band.

As will all our rehearsal rooms, backline equipment (drums, guitar amps, bass amp, keyboard) is available to hire, just specify what you require when booking or when you show up, our staff are happy to help.

Stunning, affordable and sizeable rehearsal space - Studio 2
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Rehearsal Rates

Studio 2 is available from just £10/hour + VAT during select hours as we make renovations.

Please contact us for availability, and click the button below for equipment hire prices.