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Studio B

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Studio B

An affordable studio space well suited to voiceover work and acoustic recording.

Our second recording room is Studio B, a specially designed space for more personal recordings. It’s an ideal recording/mixing station for less ambitious projects, most often used to track single vocalists or acoustic instruments as well as plenty of computer based production work on new or developing tracks. There are extensive MIDI facilities to aid these types of projects and the more intimate environment allows you and engineer to work closely to get the results you’re after away from the scrutiny of any bystanders.

Like Studio A, Studio B has connectivity into the exceptional Studio 1 so recording larger instruments than just vocals or acoustic guitar is possible from here if you’re on a tighter budget.

Despite is lower cost, the engineers that navigate Studio B are the same that work in the Studio A, and for the budget conscious, this is an ideal space to begin or develop your project before perhaps mixing or mastering in Studio A.

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