Studio A

Recording Studio A

Our legendary SSL 6032G+ console

A world class mixing desk

Looking through to Studio One

from the control room

Our Yamaha C3

A 6'1" full grand piano

Conservatoire series

Classic reverb

Vintage Lexicon 224XL

with LARC remote

Studio One

Our large live room

It sounds fantastic

Top-end and vintage

Pro outboard units

Avalon, 1176, Focusrite, dbx

Incredible sound

A perfect mix studio

affordable rates


Studio A

A spacious and comfortable studio complete with a vintage analog SSL console and Pro Tools | Ultimate.

Our flagship control room - Studio A - is beautifully crafted to provide excellent acoustics, essential for accurate monitoring, and gives wide visual contact to the artists through the glass into the large live room – Studio One. A further door leads into the adjacent small live room, a decent sized, acoustically treated/vocal booth.

We are fortunate to have the finest recording console in the world, a fully restored vintage SSL 6032 G+ married to a top of the range Pro Tools HD12 system, feeding exquisite PMC twotwo monitors. Superb outboard from Lexicon (the legendary 224XL with LARC), Focusrite, Avalon etc. complete this great recording room. There is simply no better tracking or mixing studio in London, only something different.

One of the best features of this world class studio is the total flexibility of design that allows, say, a small three-piece to record in the main control room and small live room, or we can open up the big window to Studio 1 where we have hosted orchestras of up to 30 people, with access to our gorgeous Yamaha C3 grand piano.

It is crucial that you come down to see us to get a real idea of just how good these studios are, and as always we will do our utmost to work within your budget.

Find out more about Recording at Resident Studios. Please be sure to leave your phone number as well as email, only by talking to our engineers directly can you discover what we can do – and the best deals!

Need a question answered? You can call us anytime for more information at: 0208 830 4321