School is arguably the most formative period in anyone’s life. Not only are you educated from an academic perspective, but your experiences and interactions also shape you as an individual and influence how you treat your fellow man. Ignorance and naivety often leads people to treat those they see as part of the ‘other’ with hostility,

8 albums we love for the production

We’ve seen all sorts pass through our doors over the years and production methods have often varied from client to client. While the world of production, engineering and mastering is constantly moving forward and great advancements in the technology available are always being made, many great records have been produced using tools and methods of
Si Cranstoun’s story is inspirational. Coming from humble beginnings, the former busker’s tale is capable of helping aspiring artists believe that the illusive big break could be just around the corner. Hailing from the historic city of Cambridge, a rather rapid ascendency saw Si go from street performer to major presence on the UK’s underground vintage circuit. These days the talented crooner
The Shaker Heights have been putting out a distinctive brand of synth-heavy, emotive rock since the band’s inception back in 2003. With a debut on Face Value Records in 2007 and two more self-released outings between 2011 and 2012, the four-piece that cites the likes of Radiohead, Bob Dylan and Joy Division as influences are back in impressive fashion. Their first