Music Video Production

MTV-quality Music Videos at a Fraction of the Price!

UK Indie bands and labels: professional music videos are no longer the exclusive domain of Aerosmith, Sony Records, and “dino rockers” from the stone age! Make a professional, high-definition music video with us for about what you’d pay for demo recording!

We are extremely excited about offering our new music video production services at Resident Studios.

In addition to our music recording facilities, Resident Studios also offers bands full-service music video production. We pride ourselves on producing MTV-quality, high-definition performance music videos in our beautiful studios. You can view some of our recent footage below – remember this is a web-stream; your final cut will be in glorious 1080p high definition.

Magazine Gap with Calling Card in Studio One

The future of promoting your band is on Youtube through video. After all, not even an audio recording can capture the full essence of your musical vision like a music video can. It lets people from all over the world experience what it’s like to see you live. Don’t scrimp on a video — make one at Resident Studios that will grab everyone’s attention.

If you would like to discuss how a video can help your band, then call us now on 0208 830 4321. Remember — video is the future.