Getting yourself a music video is essential in today’s music industry. With Myspace, Facebook and YouTube it is now easy to get people to see and hear what you are really about – and now’s your opportunity to show them.

Before now music videos were either: 1. Very Expensive or 2. Cheap – and, let’s face it, rubbish.

Now Resident Studios have bridged that gap and can offer you the following:

  • An MTV Quality music video
  • Massive discounts on pricing
  • Experienced producers who understands music and music videos
  • An opportunity to get you (and your band) the exposure you deserve by capturing your sound and your look

Here’s what I mean …

[vsw id=”_dwyPE-WaY0″ source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”281″ autoplay=”no”]

Or call 0208 830 4321

Resident Studios has a long history of supporting the London music scene and we are currently offering these videos at massive discounts to help kick-start local bands.

Due to the level of discount we are offering, we can only offer a limited number of videos at this price so if you are at all interested I urge you to contact us right now by completing the contact form above or calling 0208 830 4321