‘Resident Picks’ is a new blog feature where we shine a light on some of the favourite instruments, software and gear available across our studios… Developed during the early 1980s, Lexicon’s 224XL reverb unit was state of the art for its time. Built with the finest technology available, this was one of the world’s first digitally powered effects processors. Three decades on and despite
Bored of the average function DJ but still want to sing and dance along to your favourite pop songs? Well your prayers have been answered. Coming to a wedding or corporate event near you soon, The Fix have been impressing partygoers up and down the country with their incredibly polished live sets and we recently had the
The ANIMA Collective have been in the studio to record five sequences composed by the very adaptable Andrew Keeling. Having worked together on the Mechanika project ANIMA founder Chris Roe ran last year, Andrew got back in touch to enlist the innovative orchestra’s services for a new project. Occupying our primary recording studio and the adjacent live room, ANIMA and Mr Keeling
Last winter, four friends descended on an old farmhouse located on the picturesque coastline of Purbeck, Dorset. Equipped with their instruments, the foursome also known as Pistols At Dawn set off to record a series of rough sketches that were subsequently uploaded to Soundcloud, giving fans the chance to sample the music and lend their opinions. Fast forward