The last few months have been absolutely brilliant at Resident Studios with recording sessions and rehearsals spanning almost every single genre you could think of; from electro-pop, rap, folky blues, rock, punk & metal; to classical piano, string quartets & opera vocals. Along side this Resident has also been involved in numerous music video and

Introducing Rumours…

When Rumours entered the studio in order to rehearse for their first show on the new year at Archspace, Shorditch we could hear a faint sound through the soundproofed doors of something that sounded truly brilliant! We at Resident couldn’t help but chat to them when they broke for lunch to find out more about
Last week we had the brilliant Tom Neale and Sam Watts in the studio tracking for a upcoming project. Their sound is somewhat interesting, being a blend of jazz/blues – reminiscent of bands such as Snarky Puppy and the likes – combined with some experimental sounds. For example, I witnessed an interesting 20mins or so
Last week we had the pleasure of having the legends that are Jon Tbone Taylor & Tim Richards record a reunion EP ‘JT4’ with one of our resident engineers Andy Rugg. These two highly accomplished musicians worked together numerous times throughout the 90’s under various names (The London Blues Band, Roogalator II and the original